Today will be a good day…

eleven things i will do today.

1) finish my day’s worth of work in the first three hours and then spend the rest of the day thinking about other things.
2) take my sandwich and eat it outside in the sun instead of sitting indoors at lunchtime.
3) not do the hoovering. it’s too nice for that kind of housework.
4) sit in the back garden – newly turfed – and let the blades of grass tickle my feet.
5) buy some ice cream so we can have strawberries and ice cream whilst sitting in the garden.
6) let my son run around the garden with the hose to cool down like he did yesterday
7) not take any of the pregnancy tests that are in the bathroom cupboard because i have another three maybe four days to go before anything will show up
8) buy some charcoal because my other half has just bought a barbeque and we’re eating al fresco tonight.
9) read ‘the snail and the whale’ to my son while he falls asleep.
10) watch something good on TV when the sun has gone down.
11) go to bed happy.

today will be a good day.


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