Quality time…

i stuck to my guns this weekend and pushed back an offer of a way for someone else to take up my time, and spent the time on myself and my family instead.

at first i felt guilty; it’s hard sometimes for me to say ‘no’ to other people. i’m too eager to please others, to not let other people down, and in the process i guess i let myself down. or rather, i usually do. not this weekend. this weekend i stayed at home with my family. i doubt i was even missed at the engagement that i backed out of, whereas my family appreciated that i was there.

we hung out at the house, sunbathed in the back garden, enjoyed the sun, splashed in the water, ate good food cooked on the barbeque, and tickled our bare feet on the grass. the grass that we put down at Easter while it poured down with rain. and i know for a fact that i had an infinitely better time than if i’d gone off and done what had been planned for the day.

so it makes me think, next time i’m faced with something i have to do as opposed to something i want to do; will i fulfil the obligation to others, or be true to myself?

  1. So true…. we give to others but never take for ourselves far too often. I continuously work to make my family and I more of a priority, but somehow it’s engrained in me that it’s wrong and shameful… this needs to change!! Glad to hear not alone!

  2. Family is number one. Nearest and dearest – they care, no-one else really matters. Keep posting!

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