Whip it!

i watched the film Whip It! (with Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis) a few weeks ago and fell in love with the idea of roller derby and with the t-shirt Ellen Page wears. you know, the one with the zebras?

so after trawling through the internet, i finally found one on Ebay and it only took a few seconds to decide to buy. so. here it is, finally:

Zebra T-shirt, from the Chigago Field Museum, 1980

i am wearing it today and i am very happy.

i love zebras!!!

  1. Arisbeth said:

    Hey i’m looking for that shirt but i can find it not even on ebay where do you find it can you copy the link please??? I absolutely adore that shirt and zebras

    • linds_r said:

      Aw, I found it on a lucky eBay search I’m afraid – keep trying, another one might pop up one day xx

  2. Zebra said:

    Dammmmn I want one too!!!I’ve been looking…but I can’t find anything 😥 … I’m in love of tha t-shirt too :'(….

  3. It IS pretty cool! If I ever see one ill post the link here.

    • linds_r said:

      That’d be great – I found one on on my first sweep of eBay – had no idea how lucky I’d been at the time!


  4. I designed this shirt in late 1970s –maybe early 80s on Captiva Island, Florida. OUr company was so small at that time the two owners printed it themselves all night long to fill one order. I don’t have any myself at this time. Ellen must have worn a child sized shirt. If it is the real thing it will say “Eckler” on it.

    • linds_r said:

      I’ll have a look when I get home – it is an old shirt and posted from the USA – I’m stuck in hospital at the moment though. It’s a bloody great t-shirt though, my favourite still – so thank you!

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