Planning for What?

it’s getting on to months now and i still don’t know where this blog is going. when i originally set this thing up, i intended it to be a sort of commentary on how me and my other half were doing in regards to lowering our debt, in order to justify the baby we were trying to make. ‘planning for accidents’ was the term we used when people asked us if we were thinking of having a family. and then when they asked us if we were having a second child. and although the debt element isn’t so much a problem anymore, the baby thing has been going on for too long now, so much so that the ‘accident’ will now be a well thought out plan, if it is at all possible.

you may have seen the post where i’ve written about the Clearblue study. that was so i could see if i was ovulating when i thought i was more than anything, because the baby thing hadn’t happened after a year’s worth of trying. i’d been to my GP about it and the guy who saw me had told me on one occasion that it was my weight (i’m a UK size 12), and then the next time i went with other problems (which i’ll spare you the details of) he told me it was my age (i’m only in my thirties). the third time i went, i saw a different doctor and he referred me for tests, and i’m now waiting to see my consultant to find out the results of my tests. i have another two weeks to wait (i’m well used to two week waits by now so it’s not so long a time), and based on what i managed to weasel out of the ultrasound technician i’m expecting them to tell me i have a fibroid. i’m hoping they tell me i have a fibroid. because the alternative is way too scary.

so right now i’m hoping that this doesn’t become a blog documenting stages and cycles and medication. i’m hoping that after a minor operation i can get back to normal again, and to try to find some direction on here..

in the meantime, here’s another zebra:

zebra hanging off/ clinging to a tree

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