No news is Good News…

I still have a stage 1B2 cervical adenocarcinoma. It’s well defined, it isn’t trying to expand into any other organ or tissue, it hasn’t metastasised. It’s just pretty big at 6.8cm in length/diameter/however they measure it.

as a consequence, i can’t just have a hysterectomy to remove it. i have to go the long haul way; i have to go through chemo-radiotherapy, which made me cry when they told me. as well as sounding scary, it just brought up a million images of being really poorly, of throwing up, of being bedridden, of losing my hair. it really freaked me out.

but now i’ve had my first trip to The Christie, and it went well. i’ll be having four weeks worth of radiotherapy, monday to friday with the weekend off, and every wednesday will be chemo day. then after that i will have two more weeks where i have a session of internal radiation as an in-patient. and then i will be finished. in six or seven weeks, i will be done with my treatment and the doctors have said i will be cancer free. i have another check up six weeks after that, then a scan three months after the end of the treatment to check. but they seem really optimistic still that they are going to get rid of it for me.

which is good because when they feel optimistic, i feel optimistic. i lost my hope last week somewhere between a&e and bed number 19 at Oldham Royal, but i feel like i got it back yesterday. i’ve been up and about instead of lying in bed. and i feel happy, if that’s possible in my situation.

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  1. It all sounds good! Don’t worry about the treatment. I’ve found it much easier than the horror stories you hear.

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