Distraction is Good For Me…

I’ve had a good day today. A different kind of day. An outing that was booked a months ago before I knew about my Cancer.

It was only a few hours out of the house. That’s all that has made a difference to me today. A couple of hours out of the house, minus the negative side effects I’ve been warned I may get, with a very good friend and a bunch of strangers and a teacher showing us how to make resin jewellery – something I was really getting excited about when I saw the course.

It’s good to feel like there are still normal life things going on. That my life hasn’t stopped suddenly and that I know that I don’t feel like my life has stopped suddenly. I’m still getting excited about my hobbies and I’m still brave enough to venture out.

I didn’t feel like an invalid today. The big C word was only mentioned casually in passing, not the topic of the day.

And it felt good.


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