Hooray for a Rather Good Day…

all things like the big C aside, today has so far been a pretty good day.

i’ve been active, almost normal today. a little bit worried about losing my voice ever so slightly after waking up this morning, but we’ll see how that goes i guess. what i’m actually rather pleased about is getting out of the house. not just getting out of the house – but getting out of the house without my husband or my mum chaperoning me. i felt like a grown up, and i felt a little bit brave and i’ve not felt that good for over a week now, when i managed to get the bus back from the hospital and into town and met my other half for a cup of coffee before heading back home, pretending to be normal people again.

today was my first session learning how to make resin jewellery pieces. one of the things that was kind of on my old list of things to do this year. to expand on the mediums i’m able to use in the whole jewellery malarkey that i’ve found myself in love with the past five or six years. i booked the course back in july, or maybe in august before all of the Bad Stuff came to the forefront. i booked it as a present for myself for my upcoming birthday later this week. the dates were perfect for it being a present. so i jumped in and did it. up until yesterday i really wasn’t convinced i’d be well enough to go – i’m still sort of waiting patiently for the arrival of all the bad side effects i’ve been warned about. but this morning, i woke up, a little bit excited. and met one of my best friends to do a bit of crafting and mucking about.

the place we went to is the Ministry of Craft which operates out of the basement of Fred Aldous at 37 Lever Street, Manchester, M1. they do loads of courses there and i went to one maybe a year ago there to recap on how to use a sewing machine, also good. but today was more exciting because it was more in the field of what i wanted to learn for the progression of this ever expanding hobby of mine. i booked it so i’d have more scope to play with, more things to make. and i’m glad i did!

at this stage it looks like it’s going to be relatively easy going, once i have the materials at home. always a good thing. though like i found out last year when i was buying the silver clay and all of the firing things, and tools to sculpt and everything, the set up costs of anything are usually what drags me behind on getting on with things. like i still want to get into cold enamelling. or normal enamelling if i can ever afford that cute pink paragon kiln (i’d only get the pink one because i don’t like hot things, and it seems less intimidating than any other colour unless they start doing them in green). but yeah, i think my friend K is into this resin lark too, so if we can maybe split the costs if they start burgeoning we can do this together, as a Wednesday Crafting Day, before i go back to work again. i have a lot of ideas and i think she does too. so – optimistic.

i like feeling optimistic, and i loved having something to do today to take my mind far away from all the much too grown up stuff in my life at the moment. i have to wait until next week to find out of any of my creations actually work in real life – they might all be complete disasters! but i guess that’s part and parcel of learning, so excited!

i wish i’d taken some photos, but it didn’t cross my mind so much at the time. maybe at the next session on saturday, or maybe when me and K are cooking up the resin in our Breaking Bad gear at home in the next few months i can put a retrospective in.

but yeah. resin rules!

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