Chemo Day #2

Chemo Day #2 has actually come down to be in the Good Day category. I know. How could hanging around in a hospital from before eight in the morning until nine thirty at night be Good? I guess it was the small things.

If I’m completely honest I wasn’t feeling all that good when I got to the hospital. I’m walking like an octogenarian at the moment because the radiotherapy goes through my pelvis to reach the tumour and things have started to swell. I’ll have to test whether I’m okay with Ibuprofen at some point, but after the bleeding it caused last time I’m a little wary of going there until I’m a little bit further along. I didn’t have time to eat a proper breakfast because my other half had to drop me at the hospital before he went to work, so it was a very early start for me, and I was going to be on my own for at least two hours which is no fun at all when everyone else has their ‘buddy’.

This is where you really appreciate the staff that work in these hospitals. I can’t say enough good things about my radiotherapy team at The Christie. They remember everything you tell them, treat you like a friend, put you at ease in seconds, and send you along smiling. Yes, smiling. After being zapped by their laser. Amazing. I hope they never underestimate the strength they pass on for the rest of the day.

I went on from my radiotherapy session to the hospital restaurant and managed to eat a decent breakfast, then saw my doctor for my chemo pre-flight checks (again, another person who puts me at ease in seconds, seriously), and from there I met up with my best friend, K, for a hot chocolate and a good chat to take up some more of my hours, and after that, my husband, C came in to keep me company. It was good to be in the category of having a buddy for the day.

I still had to wait an hour later than my allotted slot for treatment; I don’t think that will change though as up to 200 patients go through the unit on any given day. I can wait an hour, C isn’t so good at waiting. Next week I’m going to make sure he has something to watch while we have to do that waiting part. The treatment went smoothly, and thanks to last week I knew to keep my arms and hands warm and drink a lot beforehand so there were no problems getting the canula in, so there will be less bruising this time round.

And now I’m home. The steroids are keeping me awake because I had the delay in my treatment, hence why I’m on here I guess. I was going to write about this tomorrow. But I’ve done it now. And now I’m going to surf the net for treats for a while because if it’s officially Thursday, it’s officially my birthday. And I know it’s going to be a Good Day.

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