Chemo Day #3

It’s almost been a week since Chemo Day three but I refuse to move onto my fourth cycle until I’ve written about this one. I don’t know why I didn’t write about it yet either. Maybe because it went as well as it possibly could have gone? Maybe. It was a different experience to the last couple of cycles in any case. On Chemo Day #3 it felt like I had it licked.

After the first cycle, I guess I was afraid of Wednesdays. Afraid of Chemo Day. Afraid of waiting on my own all day, in the hospital. Because it’s a ‘tired’ day. It’s before I get the boost of steroids to help me keep up with the Cisplatin. It’s sort of a day of limbo, moving from the radiotherapy suite to the pre-chemo check clinic, to the coffee shop, to the conservatory and if I’m lucky enough to get a comfy seat, the ‘Relaxation room’ until it’s time to go up to the Chemotherapy Unit. Where there will be more waiting, only there’s free lemon barley water and sandwiches and full fat ice cream and cups of tea and coffee to keep your mind off the waiting part. The second cycle was better, apart from it being another late night home, and that had mostly to do with the fact that I had K’s company during the day and my husband C managed to get there before I started the treatment, not right at the end like he did the first week. So by the third cycle, I suppose I felt like I knew the ropes a little better.

It’s the little things that make a difference, the things that you find out week by week. Like my doctor, letting me have a blood envelope to get them tested on Tuesdays instead of having an extra hour’s wait in the clinic for tests to be done on the day, and telling me that it’s okay to come straight over when I’m finished at Radiotherapy, because as I’ve had my bloods done, she can see me earlier than my appointed time. And things like knowing that as soon as the Dr has posted your prescription onto the system, you should go to the pharmacy to have them acknowledge it, so they have it prepared when you go to collect it later in the day. Otherwise you turn up at 1pm needing your medicines before chemo and they’ve not even checked the electronic system and you have to wait an hour and take everything late and the stress levels rise significantly.

It’s these things that make it so that you can get to the hospital on a Wednesday at 8am and be finished at the hospital for around ten, so you can go home to sleep for a few hours until you have to go back for your chemo at 2pm. which takes the pain away from the whole day. Even with a half hour delay I was home in time to put my son to bed, eat at a decent time, have a normal night.

So Day #3 was a Good Day. Even with the side effects of having pelvic radiotherapy kicking in with a vengeance, it was okay.

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