So This Is The New Year…

…and i have no resolutions.

of course i’m singing death cab for cutie. i haven’t posted a blog in a long time. maybe not for the whole of December. not since i started with the brachytherapy anyway. that’s when i started to get really tired. once the chemo drugs wore off and i started having to run on my own batteries i guess. only just getting there now, but it’s still hard going and i still need more sleep than i thought was humanly possible. i wear out faster than i ever imagined i would. in my head i want to be running round and doing zumba and everything but in reality all i can do is go downstairs and i need a rest. it’s no fun. none at all. but i’m getting better every day, especially the days i don’t wear myself out.

tomorrow i might write something more. tomorrow I might give myself a chance to catch up.

tomorrow i might write resolutions.

we’ll see…

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  1. Sleep, rest – all perfectly valid resolutions. I hope that you recover your energy and that 2013 brings you many more happy moments!

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