The Latest Crisis…

this one isn’t about anyone’s health. unless you’re counting my mental health i guess – which you should – i am seeing a psycho-oncologist every two weeks for the foreseeable future after all. but anyway. this latest crisis is to do with space.

our house isn’t huge, but by ‘typical English’ standards it’s a pretty good living space. we own a Victorian terrace. not just a two-up, two-down, but one of the larger ones: entrance hall, two reception rooms, three bedrooms, upstairs bathroom, fourteen-foot kitchen, and sixty-foot garden out back. we have an attic too, which we could convert if need be (for a price). but somehow, with all of this, we don’t have enough space in our house for all of our stuff. i’ve realised the last week or so that it’s mostly my stuff that is the problem. i have a problem; i am officially a Hoarder.

it wouldn’t be so much of an issue if we didn’t need to get a new boiler. the one we have installed at the moment has to be at least fifteen years old, if not older. we’ve been told more than a few times that soon we won’t be able to get replacement parts for it, so we decided with the cold weather expected the next month or so to bite the bullet and get a new one. except when gas was plumbed into our lovely Victorian house, they plumbed it in with 15mm pipes. and modern boilers need 22mm pipes. this wouldn’t be a problem for normal people. pull up a couple of carpets and floorboards and refit the house with new pipes, job done. but it’s sent me into panic stations. as the pipes run through the whole house, front to back, every room will need to have the furniture moved and be de-cluttered – which roughly translates to me needing to go through eight or so years of accumulated crap to see what i need and what i think i need so we can move things for the builders. and it’s going to be painful.

it’s not as though i haven’t had to do this before. when we moved out of our last place, i threw bags and boxes of things away. but i think that’s where part of the problem probably lies. i’ve since spent days or weeks trying to find a specific thing, like a shirt, that would go great with that skirt i just bought, only to find it’s not in the vacuum packed bag in the attic, it was in the ‘to go’ pile when we last moved. so i guess since then i’ve become reluctant to throw away my things. just in case i need them at a later date. just in case i lose a bit of weight, or in case i need it for the zombie apocalypse.

i’m watching ‘Storage Hoarder’s‘ for inspiration. i need to work out how i’m going to do this. i have a ten day deadline. i’ll let you know how i go.

  1. This is one of those situations that can be a positive thing. I’ve become a compulsive de-clutterer. There’s a lot of great online resources that are useful for this. I’ve sent a lot of things to Goodwill, knowing that someone might actually use them, instead of sitting idly in my closet. If it’s not immediately useful or beautiful (in terms of giving you positive feelings), it’s likely something you can live without. I’ll be interested to hear how it goes, after having been through the process several times over myself. Good luck!

    • linds_r said:

      Finally, (how long has it taken me?) I’ve finished the clear out. Slowly losing the emotional attachment to things and an unhealthy dose of tv programmes about hoarding and hoarders has helped. I’ve lost count of the number of bags passes out to friends and charity shops, but it feels good! Thanks for your words of encouragement, they were heard and digested xx

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