More Stuff To Do

i crossed two of the things off my last list.

i started on the HRT, and i completed my security clearance forms. i’ve been successfully cleared until 2020. i don’t know how i feel about that, it seems a long way off in my current situation. i guess it’s something to take up with my therapist.

i’ve not touched the kiln yet, and i’ve not done any more de-cluttering. the kiln, that’s been a ‘time’ thing. we need to get me a workbench before i set it up. Also, i knew that i would have wanted to make things if i set up the kiln and i didn’t want to go into the MRI with silver clay particles under my nails. the de-cluttering… i thought i was just being lazy, but the fact is, i want to see what the outcome of the MRI is on Thursday before i decide to keep a bunch of things i don’t need. i guess i don’t see the point of having to go through all of my things again, if the news isn’t good.

because i managed to cross a couple of things off my list, i’m going to add another couple of things:

1) Send off my Student Loans deferment form. i am sorry to say i still do not earn the minimum that would require repayment. this is both a good thing and a bad thing.

2) Go through Lucas’ things and get rid of the things that don’t fit him anymore. i might not be able to de-clutter my own crap out of some sense of morbidity but i can make room in his closets, no problem.

let’s see how i go with these this week.

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