To Do List Tuesday

I haven’t completely completed everything from my last two lists:




I’ve sent off my Student Loan Deferment forms. That should keep them at bay for another year (see, optimism again, thinking a year ahead!).

I’ve also done a fair bit of de-cluttering. We have our new wardrobes in the bedroom which give me more storage space for non-clothing items, but less space for my clothes in general – so a lot has made it’s way to the charity shop. The maternity clothes I had kept hold of went to my next door neighbour, who is about nine weeks pregnant. And I’ve gone through four years worth of Lucas’ clothes and given them away. Well, most of them. There were a few hold-backs for sentimentality, and a few things I’m going to try on EBay first.

So that just leaves the workshop. We still haven’t worked out what we’re doing in the back bedroom, and I still haven’t got a workbench in there; so the kiln is still in a box in the dining room. Waiting. Probably for a long while as I’m due to go into hospital for The Operation three week’s today.

I have picked up another hobby though, in the meantime: Sewing. Embroidery. Applique. whatever you call it. It happened by accident – I went on a course with the friend who got me through my chemo days by going with me to the resin making thing. She wanted to do sewing. I didn’t really, but I went along to keep her company, and came out of it really relaxed and with a new skill. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s easy to get out and put away with a four-year-old hanging about, so I can see myself doing a bit more of it. Not to mention, it’s also less expensive than the silver-smithing.

That’s not to say I’ve given up completely on that though. I’m booked in in two week’s time to spend a couple of days in a silversmith’s workshop getting one on one tuition. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been waiting for about two years to do it – the cost was holding me back as much as fear of the unknown. And now I’m free to do it.

So. What’s new for my To Do List?

1) To create something. To make something, to start it and to finish it, before I go into hospital in three week’s time.

2) To have a good week off on holiday in Aberdovey. To play in the sand, hang out on the seafront, to do the things I couldn’t do when we went there towards the end of the summer last year, when I was too ill to participate, before I found out what was wrong with me.

3) To get my hands on a couple of short-sleeved, long-hemmed night dresses for the hospital.

And that’s it for now.

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