Halfway There…

Today was results day from my mid-point MRI. It could have gone better, but all in all I think the results were good. After an hour wait past my appointment time I went through to a side room, and was told that my cervical tumour had shrunk, that it was responding well to treatment. Which is good. But then I was told that the surgeon still isn’t willing to give me the operation which will mean I am cured. Which is bad.

The problem is my lymph node. Every time it’s brought up, I get different, conflicting information.

The first time it was brought up was after my PET\CT. No one really brought it up but it was there hanging about in the background. It was the reason I was passed from pillar to post and no one could give me a straight answer. Then it disappeared, it was okay. And then a week before my scheduled operation it reared it’s ugly head again and my operation was cancelled and I started chemo instead.

Today, I was told that the enlarged lymph node had always been enlarged; it was on the scan from when I was first diagnosed in October, and I was told that it was an anomaly – it hadn’t changed in size the whole time. This was the reason I couldn’t have the operation – they didn’t know what it was doing, they weren’t sure if it was cancerous as it should have been affected by the chemo. They also couldn’t get anyone to agree to try a biopsy on it to see if it was cancerous or just enlarged – there was just the evidence from the PET\CT. I was told to consider it static, that if it hadn’t changed then it was probably nothing to worry about right now.

I went home upset as you would expect, wanting answers that no one could give me.

When I got home I phoned and asked if I could at least have the measurements of the tumour so I could think about it in a real sense; when my Dr got back to me, she’d had another look over my charts, and realised that the node had changed size over the course of the treatment. It had started off 0.8cm in October, grown to 1.1cm by April/May, and after three cycles of chemo it was now 0.6cm. This is both good and bad; it is changing, so it is cancerous – but it is responding to treatment and has shrunk by almost half over the three cycles.

I’m hoping that it will shrink further. I’m hoping that even though it is in an awkward place, that if it shrinks further my surgeon will agree to give me the hysterectomy and take out the lymph nodes, take out the cancer, and ‘cure’ me.

Here’s to three more cycles…


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