Procrastination Time Again…

This one made me laugh today, it was like someone’s been watching me.

Here is a list of things I had been or have been putting off again this week:

1) Etsy shop set up. I’ve still not finished this even though I started quite well with it from my last to-do-list. I can’t seem to get the headers for my shop sorted, so I’ve had another go at making the piece for this – I am now waiting for the air-fade pen to, well, fade. Then I will try to do it. I’m also waiting for the sun to come out to take proper photo’s of the bags and things going into the shop. And I was trying to have more than just the bags in there – something which is kind of coming along – but isn’t there yet. So this is still waiting for launch.

2) Changing my mobile phone. I have an iphone 4 – and the new iphone 5 comes out in September, right? So I may as well wait until that comes out, ’til all the lower tariffs drop, and I can get the contract cheaper. Plus I need to do the proper backup before I go to take it in. All the workings out of which are way over my head with the chemo at the moment.

3) Washing my short-haired wig for the first time. I’ve actually just washed it. Today’s Daily Prompt has prompted me into actually doing something. I was putting it off because it’s expensive and I was scared of ruining it seen as I’ve worn it every day single day since I lost my hair. It’s now drying in the bathroom and looks fine. It will dry overnight and all I need to do apparently is give it a shake in the morning. We will see.

4) Phoning my dad. I don’t really get on with him but I suppose I should be keeping him in the loop. It’s just so painful having to be on the phone to him, he drives me nuts and there’s always something worse wrong with him than me having cancer still and I just don’t want to get into it at all. He left a message on my machine on Friday night though. I should return the call.

I’ll do it tomorrow.

  1. that was a neat read..thanks for stopping by my blog..and hopefully you do complete your to-do list and talk to your dad soon 🙂

  2. Ugh…to do lists. What would we do without them? I have on a mile long!

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