I’m in a much better mood today.

I’ve had some sleep, I saw my counsellor at the hospital on Wednesday, and I’ve had enough free time this morning to make up two embroidery hoops’ worth of sewing to do when we go on our little bank holiday trip back to Aberdovey. I’m taking a couple of the bags that are prepped – and there is a special wedding commission I’m in the middle of doing which will also be coming in my recently-bought-at-half-price Kath Kidston sewing box. So, that means I’ll get to do a lot of sewing, and sewing makes me feel happy, and calm, and centred.

I must say thank you to this post for giving me a kick up the bum to actually get the scissors and iron out this morning, for making me think ‘yeah, I bloody well love sewing, it makes me happy, I’m going to make some things to Do’.

The thing is, when I’ve finished these new things I’ve made to do, I’ll have actually done something else from one of my long-ignored To Do lists – I’ll have expanded my portfolio of work from just working on bags. While the work on the bags had evolved, I’m not just sewing the same thing on them all the time, I really wanted to have other things in my Esty Shop when I set it up.

And now – or in four days’ time – I will.

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