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The longer I have to wait for my PET\CT and results, the tidier my house is getting. I guess it’s not a bad thing. It’s just weird what I catch myself realising these days. I realised that I need to be active at the moment. As active as I can be without wearing myself out, anyway. So I’ve been setting myself little goals about the house, five minute tidying projects; and it’s working. My house is getting tidier and tidier. I’m throwing things away. I’m putting laundry in the wardrobes instead of the floordrobe or the bedrobe. The kitchen is sparkling. And I’ve not been actively worrying about what I may or may not find out next week.


Every now and then I realise how long it’s been in between posting and I feel like I should give an update of sorts. Recently there hasn’t been much to update – nothing has been happening except bad stuff – my white blood count has been too low on a few occasions for me to have chemo and all of my other appointments have been slipping as a consequence. I still haven’t heard whether the super-surgeon at Birmingham will do the operation; he wants another PET\CT to be carried out before he makes a decision and since my appointment with him on 11th September I’ve had no letter – so I don’t know if the scan will be at Birmingham or Manchester. I had an MRI at The Christie on Wednesday just gone – the day before my last chemo cycle after the Neutrophil problems – so I don’t think this is going to show as accurate a picture of my situation as it could, and was basically a waste of time and money. I think it should have been rescheduled for in a couple of weeks’ time, give the last cycle a chance to work. But what do I know?

So now it’s just waiting again. Waiting for the MDT post this MRI scan, for whoever wants to PET scan me to get on with it, and then to get an answer over what my next course of treatment is supposed to be. I am so very tired of waiting and letting this take over my life.

I passed the anniversary of my diagnosis a couple of weeks ago too – on October 2nd. I spent the day at The Christie, but just having blood tests to check if I needed Filgrastim injections again to bring my white count up for my last cycle. I did, it had dropped to 2.1. Not so good. But this part does have a happy ending at least. By the test to see if I could go ahead with cycle 6, my count had been brought up to a whopping 22.6 – and so I finished this latest round of treatment – albeit only the Carboplatin part and not the Paclitaxel element – on Thursday.

I took a photo of the ward:

The Chemo ward at The Christie

The Chemo ward at The Christie

I guess in my heart I hoped it would be my last reminder of the place, but my head knows better.

Anyway – in other news – I’ve finally started to get a grip on things. Yay. Go me.

Here’s the stuff from my last, unfinished To Do List:

1) Sort out my Etsy shop. I opened it years ago, with the intention of selling the jewellery I wanted to make. Only I never ended up making anything to sell. Even though I have the materials to do this for jewellery now, I’m going to use the shop to sell the bags I’ve been sewing. So I need to do an overhaul on the shop, on my bio, on my profile on there and make my banner and then properly launch my page. I might never sell anything from it, but at least I can say to myself that I’ve done it. If I set it up and only have one item for sale, I will call this a victory.

This is done! The banner is a bit rubbish, but it’s a start. I’ve also set up a facebook page (unfinished as you can see) and have a blog that I’m going to have to restart (because it used to be about making jewellery). So if I can just get pictures of my stuff into my shop, I’ll be good to go with it.

I’ve actually already sold a few things off the site already, so I’m happy with the way things are going. I’ve ordered a bunch of business cards (still waiting to see how these turn out, I think the dpi may be too small for them) so… I’d say I can cross this one off.

2) Make a second and a third line of things, so I’m not just sewing on bags. I already know what I’ll be making for these – I have a couple of gifts I want to make for people so this will be my push to make them.

I think I’ve already said that I’ve been making hoop-art? I’ve been doing quite a lot of it, snowmen, house portraits and personalised baby name hoops, and a couple just for fun. I’ve also been making some Christmas decorations, tree-hanging ones up to now but I’ve started making them on garlands using felt and ribbon too on the suggestion of my sister.

3) Find a proper supplier for the bits and bobs I’ve been using to make things with. Ebay and Etsy in general have been fine so far but I need to do some more research.

I’ve not found a proper supplier, or at least one that I don’t have to do a massive bulk order with that I am not ready to commit to at this point in my treatment. I have found a couple of places that are cheaper that Etsy and Ebay though, and am using these.

4) Upgrade my phone. Throwing in a ‘normal’ thing there. It’s time to get a new one. I hate doing it, it’s just too much information to go through. So it’s on the list.

I did it! I got myself an iPhone 5c (couldn’t justify the extra spend to get the 5S and to be honest, the 5c does everything I need it to do. And I managed to transfer everything I wanted over to my new phone without screwing it up, too – a first for me!

I’m going to leave adding any more things to my list for today, because this is turning into a long post and is kind of disjointed enough as it is. I’m going to have a rest over the weekend, and maybe midweek, I’ll set myself some new targets.