Stop… Carry on!

I’ve been in two minds over whether to knock this blog on the head. Or have a hiatus for a while. Or to make the opposite decision to write more frequently so I might write about different things. It’s not what I set out for it to be at all, and when I read it back I guess my life doesn’t sound like much fun. And my posts of late are just updates on where I’m at with my treatment. I’m tired of writing about cancer. Especially when I feel healthy. I feel fine right now. I have no pains, I’m living a normal-as-possible life. I don’t look or feel like someone who has cancer anymore. I do though. So how do I keep it off here, when that little fact of my life is there, in the background, all of the time?

  1. I understand how you feel. My only advice is to just go with the flow ~ post when you want and whatever moves your heart. ♥

    • linds_r said:

      Thanks for this 🙂 sometimes I just think ‘what am I doing?’ X

      • I know, those thoughts come and go at times. Just allow yourself to do whatever pleases you! We will be here when you post and even when you don’t. ♥

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