i’m thirty-something. i’m married. i have a child. i have a house. i have a job.

i like making things. i like writing things, both made up and un-made up. i like daydreaming, and do so as often as i can.

on October 2nd 2012, i was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

i’m not sure where i’m going with my life right now.

i’m planning for accidents.

  1. What a wild imagination…I have to come back here more often 🙂 Thomas

  2. supernova said:

    Hi linds, I daydream too usually about metal detecting and finding a hoard of treasure 😉 I’m very pleased to meet you and I will look forward to reading the rest of your blog and your future posts. Thank you liking my blog enough to follow, I appreciate it. I like how you write and the things you say, your a very nice person. Best wishes SN 🙂

    • linds_r said:

      Thanks! I did archaeology for my degree, I saw your blog and got excited, plan to have a proper look through it 🙂

      • supernova said:

        Thank you, the connection to the past is the driving force behind my metal detecting and I have a passion for ancient history. I hope you find it interesting. Cheers SN.

    • linds_r said:

      Ooh, that’s made me feel all giddy, thank you so much! 🙂

      • B said:

        🙂 Well your posts are wonderful so it’s my pleasure!

  3. anwar said:

    I always find stories about people fighting disease fascinating, since fighting cancer is never an easy deed, people who fight them must be strong ones. please allow to me scroll down and read more about your early posts. have a good day.

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