happy clothes

… to buy stuff that makes you smile.

okay, so the last post i made about a t-shirt i bought is still my most popular hit, so when this turned up in the post today and i got the same feeling of butterflies as when the good old zebra one from whip it turned up, i figured i’d post about it.

stuyvesant physical ed. leader t-shirt

stuyvesant physical ed. leader t-shirt

anyone alive in the 80’s will recognise it as the t-shirt Adam Horovitz wears in the video to Fight For Your Right To Party. or the shirt Elijah Wood wears in the Fight For Your Right, Revisited video. either way i wanted one in the 80’s, 90’s and though i may have forgotten about it for a while in the 90’s and 00’s. i may only ever wear it around the house, but i finally got one.

yay, go me.

here it is in it’s original glory: